what kind of hand gun is the one best for you?
45 cal, 9mm, desert eagle,the glocks, 1911
but witch one is the best for you? if you like big guns then go with a 9mm, desert eagle,1911. but if you want a smaller gun then a glock 26 or glack 17 is a good way to go. now the gas for your gun green gas or co2? if your hand gun is your main gun then use co2 or you can use three gas  mags. now thats more for field, but if you more of a cqb or cqc then use a green gas. and last bbs. DO NOT USE CROSMAN BBS!!!!!!!!! they brak in your hi end guns varey ez. use the bbs on airsoftmegastour or of off line.

desert eagle
glock 17
glock 26
one more fun thing to get is a knife just a training one though. It's so much fun to have knife kill rules too. if you run up to some one and just tap on the back them then there out. If there a good player they will fell so humiliated. Most of the knifes are up of a rubber bald and a plastic handle so cant hart and anyone just $10 too. So it's a good deal. but some are bad and some are good hear are the good and the bad.
bad one
bad one